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ETHONHUK is a veteran manufacturer of the clean industry in China. Our products are exported to hundreds of countries. Now our factory provides OEM service for dozens of companies. Since its establishment in 1990. ETHONHUK has been maximizing the cleanroom levels for critical manufacturing environment in cars, semiconductors, hosiptial, chemistry, optics, electronics, biotech pharmaceutics, food processing and other industries. Through years of experience, we have built a solid system to sustain our growth. We provide a complete selection of contamination control supplies and critical cleaning products, specializing in polyester/ microfiber wipers, non-woven roll wipers, swabs, gel sticky swabs, facemask, gloves, cleanroom cloth, PE/PP shoe cover, anti-static desk, sticky mats and so on.

Our Mission

To be recognized as a trusted partner just because our quality and service.

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